08 May 2019 - Product recommendations' Insight data checker now provides more detail, plus two-way sync available for our Shopify connector

What's new?

  • When creating a new product recommendation, our Insight data checker now provides you with increased detail that extends to product-level checks. For example, an error will tell you how many products are missing a required field and the exact field that's missing, and you can then drill down to view a list of the affected products so you know exactly what needs to be fixed.
  • There's a new error message in the app that informs users with unverified Facebook business pages that they can't create Facebook audiences via our platform
  • Our Shopify connector now provides the option to enable two-way sync between your Shopify store and Engagement Cloud. This allows your customers' data to sync back to your store when contacts unsubscribe or get modified in Engagement Cloud. When enabled, any updates on the mapped data fields - as well as the subscription status and date - will be sent back to the store. This doesn't create any new customers in case their email address isn't found on the store.
  • Plus we've made around 20 bug fixes and performance improvements
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