22 May 2019 - Engagement Cloud for Magento v.6.4.15 release: Improved handling of double-opt in statuses in customer and subscriber syncs, and more

The latest release of Engagement Cloud for Magento is available, featuring the following changes:


  • We've improved the handling of double opt-in statuses in customer and subscriber syncs
  • We've made the resubscription process more robust, ensuring that as statuses change in Magento and Engagement Cloud, subscribers aren't accidentally unsubscribed
  • We've moved our announcement feed checking tool into a cron script for efficiency
  • To improve onboarding for larger stores, we've decoupled our installation routine. Our SQL tables can now be populated via a configurable command line script, after the module has been activated.
  • We've removed any dependency on Magento's Mage_Review module if review syncing isn't active
  • We now automatically mark as sent any campaigns that Engagement Cloud indicates are still 'Processing' after two hours, in order to ensure subsequent campaigns are sent
  • We've made various performance enhancements by refining our usage of some observers


  • We've fixed an issue with incorrect scope when saving the Engagement Cloud API endpoint URL (external contribution)
  • We've repaired automation enrolments for guest subscribers when double opt-in is enabled in Magento
  • We've made the menu item for 'Abandoned Carts' visible to all users with access to Engagement Cloud configuration
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