SMS settings

SMS settings

In the main email application, you can edit the routing relating to a keyword and short code number. Access these settings by clicking the person-and-cog icon positioned in the bottom left corner of the page, selecting Account from the settings menu and then clicking on the SMS settings tab. By editing these settings you can:

  • add any respondents directly into an SMS address book
  • add any email addresses provided in a response to an email address book
  • select an auto-responder SMS campaign to be sent immediately after receiving a response

To set these up, click on Edit alongside the keyword and short code number you want to do this for.


On the 'Editing route' page, there are three dropdowns that allow you to select the SMS address book to add respondents to, the email address book to add email address responses to, and the auto-responder campaign to send (which you'll need to have created already).


Once happy, click Save.

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