Abandoned cart: Testing abandoned carts - Magento 2

Learn to test the abandoned cart integration on your live Magento site. 

Testing your abandoned cart integration

To test your abandoned cart integration:

Step 1: Set up exclusion rules

The exclusion rules let you turn on the abandoned cart feature for a chosen list of recipients.

To edit your exclusion rules:

  1. In Magento admin, go to Marketing > Customer Engagement (Marketing Automation) > Exclusion Rules.
  2. Select Rule Information and enter the following details:
Option Action
Conditions Combination Match Select ANY
Attribute Select Email
Condition Select is not
Value Enter the email address of the user you want to allow.

Step 2: Set up abandoned carts

  1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Dotdigital (dotmailer)> Abandoned Carts.
  2. On the Abandoned cart settings, enter the following details:
Option Action
Enabled/Disabled Select Enable
Send After (min) Select 15 Minutes
Campaign to Send Select your campaign

Step 3: Abandon a cart on your page

  1. Go to your Magento store and log in as a customer. Make sure you use one of the email addresses you added an exclusion rule to in Step 1.
  2. Add a product to your cart.
  3. Wait. If you make no changes to your cart, the abandoned cart email sends within 20 minutes.
Abandoned cart emails don't send after exactly 15 minutes. This is because they are dependent on when the last cron job ran – cron jobs run every 5 minutes.
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