Virtual mobile numbers

Learn about dedicated and shared virtual mobile numbers (VMN) and how to use them with your SMS campaigns.


Virtual mobile numbers are 11 digit numbers used to receive SMS messages back to your account. You can use your virtual mobile number for promotions, enquiries, surveys, mobile coupons and more.

There are two types of virtual mobile numbers available: dedicated and shared – although most users go for dedicated virtual mobile numbers.

Dedicated virtual mobile number

A dedicated virtual mobile number is your number, and you are the only one using it – you can post it anywhere you want. These unique numbers are ideal because your customers can store them on their phone and always know where a message has come from.


Shared virtual mobile number

Many different people and organisations use the same virtual mobile number. However, every user has a unique keyword to go with it. This keyword is included at the start of every text and directs the message to the correct account's inbox.

Let's look at an example

The company, SnowYo, have the virtual mobile number 07000000000 and the keyword SNOW. Their customers send messages to 07000000000 and must include the keyword SNOW as the first word of their message.


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