Suppress a contact in an SMS address book

Learn how to suppress a contact in an SMS address book.


You can suppress a individual contacts or multiple contacts in your SMS address books. Suppressing a contact removes them from every address book they're in, including the All contacts address book. 

Suppress a contact in an address book

To suppress a contact in your SMS address book:

  1. Go to SMS > Contacts.
  2. Choose an address book.
  3. Select the check boxes of contacts that you want to unsubscribe from the address book.
  4. In the More actions drop-down menu, choose Suppress from account.

You can no longer send these contacts SMS messages.

Resubscribe a contact

  • SMS contacts can resubscribe themselves by texting START or UNSTOP.
  • You can manually resubscribe hard bounced contacts.
  • You cannot resubscribe suppressed or unsubscribed contacts.

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