Install and set up the Shopware 5 connector

Learn how to install, set up, and get started using the Shopware 5 connector.

We've ended support for Shopware 5

We no longer support our Shopware 5 integration. However, our Shopware 6 integration continues to be supported and developed. To learn more about Shopware 6, check out our Shopware 6 articles.


The Shopware connector enables you to synchronise all of your Shopware customers to Dotdigital. You can choose which of your Shopware data fields get mapped to your Dotdigital contact data fields, allowing you to synchronise your customers' order histories and use it for better campaign targeting. You can also enrol new customers and new subscribers into your programs.

Firstly, and before you can get going with any of the above, you'll need to install the connector.

Before you start

Things you need to know before you start:

  • If you have a store connected to another environment, such as a staging environment, you must disconnect it in Dotdigital and reconnect it to a production environment in Shopware.
  • For more information on connecting to Shopware 6, see Install and set up the Shopware 6 connector.

Install the Shopware 5 connector

To install the Shopware connector:

  1. Go to the Dotdigital Shopware page and download the plugin.
  2. In the Shopware admin, go to Configuration > Plugin Manager.
  3. Under Management, select Installed and then select + Upload plugin.
  4. In the window that appears, select Select to choose your downloaded zip and then select Upload plugin.
  5. Select Activate.
  6. Go to Marketing and select Dotdigital Engagement Cloud. Dotdigital opens in a new browser window.
  7. Log in to Dotdigital.
  8. You'll see the 'Almost there!' message, outlining the three final steps to complete:
    • Download the bridge zip file.
    • Copy and unzip the bridge file into your Shopware root folder.
    • Select Test connection to check it's working correctly.
      A message confirms a successful connection, and your store data will begin syncing very soon.
      If the connection is unsuccessful, you'll see an error message. In this case, you must go back over the steps and make sure everything is done correctly.commerce_flow_unable_to_connect.png
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