Engagement Cloud for Salesforce - Introduction


The Engagement Cloud for Salesforce connector allows you to send Engagement Cloud Email Campaigns to your leads and contacts and to view Email Campaign data. This functionality is available in the Engagement Cloud for Salesforce app.

Email Campaigns must always be created in Engagement Cloud and synchronised to Salesforce. After an Email Campaign is sent, it's synchronised at regular intervals so that you can view Email Campaign data, such as number of email opens, in Salesforce.

These articles assume that the Engagement Cloud for Salesforce installation articles have been followed to install, configure, grant user permissions, and modify page layouts for the primary Engagement Cloud account.

A Frequently asked questions article has been designed to help you with specific processes.

Supported browsers

For all browsers, you must enable JavaScript and cookies. We recommend a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater.

Using the Engagement Cloud for Salesforce app

Select Engagement Cloud from the app menu.

Please note:

In older versions of Salesforce, the Engagement Cloud for Salesforce app is labelled 'Email Marketing'.

If you don't see the Engagement Cloud for Salesforce app in this menu, ask your administrator to give you the correct permission set.


The Engagement Cloud for Salesforce app gives you access to four additonal tabs, plus a 'Configuration' tab for administrators:

  • Email Studio: Work in Engagement Cloud without leaving Salesforce
  • Email Campaigns: View all the current Email Campaigns that are available to your Salesforce user
  • Email Address Books: Work with Email Address Books
  • Forms: View all the Engagement Cloud surveys and forms that are available to your Salesforce user
  • Configuration: Configure global settings and account setup. Global settings need to be configured to enable the Engagement Cloud for Salesforce app to function. These tasks are usually reserved for an administrator.

Standard tabs with additional functionality

As well as the additonal tabs, the Engagement Cloud for Salesforce app also extends the functionality of the following existing Salesforce tabs:

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    the flow chart has an issue - the sync is not optional. as soon as you link a campaign w/ an address book, it will automatically be queued up to sync.

    this is major issue if you have any join triggers / automation programs on the campaign, and want to use member status filters. you have to start w/ an empty campaign.

  • Avatar

    Hi Gorav,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've removed the flowcharts for now while we update them.